About the Author

David Holloway

David “Ghetto Guitar” Holloway

David R. Holloway grew up in the heart of Gary’s drug, gang and crime-infested midtown section. He was nicknamed, David “Ghetto Guitar” Holloway, by one of the Garnett Elementary School classmates he hung out with in the streets of Gary during his childhood.

David attended Dunbar Elementary School, James Henry Garnett Elementary School, Beckman Junior High School all in Gary. He graduated in 1976 from Roosevelt High School, also in Gary. After completing high school, David graduated fromPurdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana.

Long before the late Michael Jackson was known for wearing one white glove, while performing he was known in the hood for wearing a black derby hat while performing prior to theMotown era.

As a tribute to his elementary school classmate, David is wearing a black derby hat and a white shiny glove and shades while holding the secondhand guitar he learned how to play during his childhood.

David’s writing was inspired by his many passions in life, one of which is writing about true-life experiences.