Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood Book

Michael Jackson fans worldwide welcome to my website!
Now I will tell you more about my new book titled:
“Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood”.

Fans, (the late) Michael Jackson had a secret early childhood at school in Gary, Indiana during the 1960’s, years before the Motown Records era, of which no one in the world aside from me is currently aware. During the 1960’s I attended Garnett Elementary School in Gary with young little un-famous Michael Jackson for five consecutive years, leading up to the beginning of the Motown Records era in 1969. Based on my firsthand knowledge, I have just finished writing a new book about that never talked about period of time in Michael’s life. This book is unique, because it is the only book in the world that will tell fans about young little Michael Jackson’s true early childhood and personality at school in Gary before and while he was making his incredible climb to fame with the Jackson Five’s, before his childhood at school in Gary was changed by Motown Records late in 1969.

Book release date pending.